Le Tour du Mt Blanc

The Map

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The Photos & Videos

Ski-touring up the Vallee Blanche

The Refuge Robert Blanc

Dawn on the Beaufortain, from the Refuge Robert Blanc

Take-off from a closed piste on Mt Joly

Arriving back in Chamonix after the completion of Le Tour du Mt Blanc

The Key Info

The Description

An epic and challenging itinerary around the Mt Blanc. Includes some simple alpine climbing.

  • Use L’Aiguille du Midi lift and traverse La Valllee Blanche skiing then ski-touring, for a take-off from Rifugio Torino.

  • Fly as far as you can down Val Veny, and then ski tour up the Col de Seigne. Ski down from the Col to join the skin track up to the Refuge Robert Blanc for an overnight in the winter room. This is a long day.

  • Ski-tour then climb using fixed ropes the Col du Mt Tendu.

  • From the Col ascend the Glacier du Mont Tondu ski-touring to find a take off on the Pain de Sucre. Alternatively descend the glacier and climb the Dome de Miage to stay out of the Nature Reserve

  • If the Tramway du Mt Blanc is open, land in St Gervais or as close as possible, and hitch or walk to the Tramway du Mt Blanc’s station in St Gervais to take the train upto Col de Voza and then tour up to Mt Lachat for a final take off into Chamonix. Land at the landing close to Mt Blanc tunnel roundabout.

  • If Tramway is not open land in St Nicolas de Vercoe, to take the St Gervais ski lift and take off from Mt Joly to land in Le Fayet or Chedde to take the train to the Les Houches/ Viaduct de St Marie. Take the Prarion lift to get to Bellevue, to then tour to Mt Lachat tor a final take off and flight to Chamonix. Land at the landing close to Mt Blanc tunnel roundabout.

  • Enjoy!

Wing Used & Why

I used a Skyman Sir Edmund Race 20m2, weighing 1.89kg. This is slightly heavier version of the Sir Edmund with improved glide. A good wing for the itinerary and worth the extra weight. All the flights require extra glide not available with the very lightest wings.