Mt Vorassay

The Map

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The Photos & Videos

Ski-touring upto the Col de Tricot

Preparing take-off on Mt Vorassay

Take-off from Mt Vorassay

The Key Info

The Description

Enjoy a remote ski tour up the Bionnassay valley, and a challenging steep take off, with this fun tour to Mt Vorassay from Les Houches.

  • The start is in Les Houches ski area. Descend off the back into the Bionnassay valley. There are many ways this can be done, but probably the easiest is to use the snow shoeing track behind the café at Col de Voza.

  • Skin up the Bionnassay valley then up to Col de Tricot and then onto Mt Vorassay.

  • I took off in a westerly direction in a small col just below the main summit.

  • A flight can be completed all the way to Chedde for a train return to Les Houches (Viaduct de St Marie) or land in St Gervais then walk or hitch to the Tramway du Mt Blanc station for a return directly into the Les Houches ski area. Check the timetable for the Tramway du Mt Blanc.

Wing Used & Why

I used a Dudek Run&Fly weighing 986g. A good light wing for the itinerary. I reached the St Gervias landing with ease and could have probably made it to the train station in Le Fayet too, although a better glide would probably be necessary to make it to Chedde.