Le Glacier des Courtes

The Map

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The Photos & Videos

Take off from L'Aiguille du Midi into the La Vallee Blanche

Dawn on the Mt Blanc from the winter room of the Couvercle Hut

Ski touring up the Telèfre Basin to the Le Glacier des Courtes

Ski-touring up Le Glacier des Courtes

Preparing take-offs from Le Glacier des Courtes

Take off Glacier des Courtes

The Key Info

The Description

A fun VolSkiRando which takes you close to Point Isabelle and makes the remote terrain the Talefre Basin of the Vallèe Blanche relatively accessible in a day trip. Consider staying the night in the winter room of the Couvercle Hut to enjoy this special place a little longer.

  • The first take off is from the Aiguille du Midi with a good glide required to make it to the flat glacier below the Couvercle Hut.

  • Then ski tour towards Pt Isabelle up the Glacier des Courtes to at least 3000m to give you a good chance of returning to Chamonix with a second flight.

  • Please note a good glide is required to make it back to Chamonix from the Glacier des Courtes With katabatic winds a landing on the Mer de Glace may be inevitable, requiring a climb to the Montenvers train or using the Vallée Blanche’s classic ski exit via La Motte.

Wing Used & Why

I used a Skyman Sir Edmund 2, 20m2, weighing 1.45kg. A good wing for the itinerary. It made it to the landings, although i was required to find some thermals to ascend further during the second flight to make it out of La Vallèe Blanche . A friend with a Nova Ion 6 light exited La Vallèe Blanche more comfortably.