Chamonix-Les Houches Aller-Retour

The Map

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The Photos & Videos

Take-off from Les Chalets de Chailloux

Landing in Les Houches after taking-off from Chalets Chailloux

Landing back in Chamonix, after taking-off from Mt Lachat

The Key Info

The Description

This itinerary includes two relatively easy VolRando which are combined for this longer but fun there and back from Chamonix to Les Houches. Each can be done separately and make excellent easy VolSkiRandos. The take off Mt from Lachat with a landing in Les Houches is an excellent first VolSkiRando in Chamonix. The description below is for the full itinerary:

  • Take the Brevent lift and enjoy the ski down past the Lac du Brevent towards the Aiguillete des Houches.

  • Ski tour up to the first take off from the Aiguillete de Lapaz.

  • If take off is not possible, a slightly steep ski decent via the Aiguillette de Houches can be done to the take off at the Chalets de Chailloux. Fly to Les Houches landing.

  • Walk to the Prarion lift and use the lifts to go to Bellevue, where a small ski tour along the track of the Tramway du Mt Blanc, to access Mt Lachat where you can take off and return to Chamonix.

  • Land at the emergency landing close to the Mt Blanc tunnel roundabout. A wing with a good glide could reach the winter landings at the foot of Brevent lift or in the Bois de Bouchet.

Wing Used & Why

I used a Skyman Sir Edmund 2 20m2, weighing 1.45kg. A good wing for the itinerary. It made it to the landings, although for the second flight it would have not made to the other winter landings closer to Chamonix. A friend with a Nova Ion 6 light felt they could have made it to the winter landing next to the Brevent cable car.