Chamonix-Servoz Aller-Retour

The Map

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The Photos & Videos

A lovely powdery descent from Brevent down to the Diosaz valley

Ski-touring in the Diosaz valley

Ski-touring up to the Pt Noire de Pormenaz

Take-off from the Point Noire de Pormenaz

The Key Info

The Route Description

A classic itinerary in remote terrain behind the Brevent ski area, completing a there and back between Chamonix and Servoz.

  • Start with a lovely ski decent on shaded north slopes from the top of the Brevent cable car down to the Diosaz Valley.

  • Cross the Diosaz river on a small bridge and start a ski tour in a remote area up to the Pointe Noire de Pormenaz.

  • The best take off area is on the west side of the Pormenaz. I took off approx 200 west of the summit at approx 2200m height,

  • On landing walk to the train station at Servoz for a return from Servoz to Chamonix is by train using the Mt Blanc Express.

  • A fast team could consider leavng the train at Viaduct de St Maire, walking to Prarion, using the lift system to reach Bellevue, for a tour upto Mt Lachat, and then a return flight to Chamonix.

Wing Used & Why

I tested the Sir Edmund Speed 14m2, a two-line single skin wing weighing just 1.3 kg. It was perfect for the route, light, well built, easy to take off and its fun flying characteristics allowed proximity flying on the first part of the flight.