VolSkiRando adventures in Chamomix- Mt Blanc

The Unlimited Liste is a list of fun winter itineraries that I have completed ski-touring, paragliding and using the Mt Blanc Unlimited skipass! It aims to promote the sport of VolSkiRando, by giving you the information necessary to complete these adventures, and also inspiring you to plan your own VolSkiRandos around Chamonix-Mt Blanc and on other massifs.

The VolSkiRando itineraries presented in The Unlimited Liste are ones where the combination of skiing, ski-touring and paragliding make the itinerary easier, more interesting and more adventurous. These include some where glacial retreat and a lack of snow cover at lower altitudes make the completion of a ski descent increasingly impractical. Some itineraries can thus include remote untracked quality ski descents.

They are also itineraries that go further and higher by using the many ski-lifts around the valley of Chamonix-Mt Blanc included in the Mt Blanc Unlimited ski-pass. These ski-lift systems are mostly unconnected. Using a paraglider, an unlimited number of pioneering circuits can be completed connecting them, and this has quite simply captured my imagination and that of other VolSkiRando fans here in the valley.

I hope you enjoy The Unlimited Liste, and that it inspires you to plan your own VolSkiRando adventures in Chamonix-Mt Blanc and on other massifs. Please leave your feedback in the feedback section!

Matías Gómez, Chamonix-Mt Blanc.

Winter season 2021/22.